Inside Hush Puppies' Innovation

14 Dec, 2023

Experience world-class comfort, style and support with Hush Puppies thanks to an array of cutting-edge, patented footwear technologies that help you walk worry free. From smart leather shoes for the office to supportive summer slides, discover a range of comfortable shoes and technologies that seamlessly blend fashion and function.


The Genius Fit collection by Hush Puppies is developed in collaboration with podiatrists, offering comprehensive support and comfort that helps improve body alignment and perfect posture.

Each pair within this range is designed with a metatarsal dome to ease forefoot pressure, arch support for midfoot control, and a heel aperture for secure heel cushioning, creating a clever combination of features working together to help YOU move better.

Comfortable leather shoes are just a click away! Shop our Genius Fit collection today and discover a range of high-quality leather shoes, boots and sandals.


Hush Puppies BOUNCE™ Technology incorporates a responsive and cushioned sole that effectively absorbs shock with each step, reducing impact on your feet and joints. This not only enhances comfort, but also helps to reduce fatigue during extended periods of walking or standing.

As well as offering enhanced cushioning and increased shock absorption for your feet, Hush Puppies BOUNCE™ insoles are removable and machine washable, helping keep your feet look and feeling fresher for longer.

Hush Puppies BOUNCE™ technology is available in a wide range of fashion-forward styles to keep you on your feet for longer, for all occasions! From summer espadrille heels to men’s leather boots, smart dress shoes to versatile white leather sneakers, find it all and more with Hush Puppies BOUNCE™.


Hush Puppies Deep Comfort technology features a 3-layer memory foam footbed, providing personalised support and pressure relief with targeted padding for shock reduction in high-impact areas, ensuring lasting comfort during extended wear. Deep Comfort is perfect for those on their feet for lengthy periods or those looking for a little more cushioning to reduce sharp, sole pains.

Step into a collection boasting smart leather loafers, buckled summer sandals and elevated espadrille heels.