Blast From The Past: The Ad Edition

08 Apr, 2020

There’s no denying that times are well and truly changing, now more than ever. It’s at times like these where we start to reflect, and at number one shoes, we’ve had a stroke of nostalgia. We’re taking a look at our number one ads, dating back to 2007 – the cringe, the classic and the more contemporary. Take our 2011 billboard (above) for example, it’s nothing fancy but it sure hits the mark. However, some of these other ads,
I’m not so sure about… So, sit back and enjoy this blast from the past.


Winter 2007 was all about “satisfying your addiction for shoes,” a sentiment that still runs true. You might even want to strap on your dancing shoes for this one, that electro-swing is infectious! I do have to warn you though, the not-so-flash quality is something we don’t seem to figure out until the next decade…


2008 saw us experiment with an interesting combo of voice effects and some kind of techno salsa music...
At least the deals were still impressive.


2010 introduced what seemed to be an unspoken (and super cute) mascot for a couple of years to come.
But hey, we’re not complaining!


Just like its predecessors, our autumn 2014 campaign played to its seasonal strengths.
You guessed it, falling leaves, the start of (winter) sports and autumnal colours.


Shoes off! Something you won’t hear us say often, but with the launch of our St Lukes Store in 2014, that’s exactly what we did. Check out why we had number one fans lining up outside our store, ready to take their shoes off.


Skip forward to autumn 2019 where we really stepped up our advertising game. Not that we can take all the credit, most of it’s down to the dancers, bringing to life that “feet just want to have fun!”


So here we are, autumn 2020, and what one hell of a year it’s been already. Although times have changed A LOT since 2007, some things never will, like our love of shoes and devotion to affordable fashion.

There you have it, a number one shoes blast from the past, and look how far we’ve come! If there’s one thing I’m taking away from this, it’s that we can always adapt and overcome change,

oh, and that electro-swing never gets old.