The Adventure Collection

10 Jun, 2021

You would think a lack of overseas travel would diminish our spirit for adventure. Alas, we have seen more exploring than ever before! Better yet, it's all been in our own, beautiful backyard. Kiwis are travelling to corners of the country they may have never gone to before; experiencing, sightseeing and tasting all that Aotearoa has to offer.

This sense of adventure has spread throughout the world of fashion. We've seen hiker-inspired trends take off, as the need for comfort and casual style, continues to grow. Hush Puppies has created this Adventure Collection that not only recognises this new direction in fashion, but harnesses their shoe-making expertise to fuse urban style with outdoor technology.

Explore some of our top styles, now.

These Chelsea boots, along with the rest of the Adventure Collection, have been designed to feel as light as a feather! This makes them easy to move around in and keeps you agile on your feet for those long treks around town.

These Hush Puppies don't just look the part, they feel the part, too! Built with luxe underfoot cushioning and padded arch support for extra (and we mean extra) comfort.

Feeling the heat? Fear not! These Hush Puppies use anti-sweat technology so you can stay fresher for longer. So, there's no need to worry about whipping them off after a long day on your feet.

Say goodbye to wet feet and hello to winter adventures! No matter the weather, these water-resistant boots will keep your feet dry during those long walks in the park.