Winter Styling

20 Jun, 2022

Winter is no doubt one of the most exciting seasons when it comes to styling, and if you don't agree, then keep reading... Layering, knits, long sleeves, high necks, and of course... boots! We've showcased some of our favourite winter boots in black for classic contrast styling, as well as coloured boots to work with the tonal trend that's taken the fashion world by storm. See which look you prefer and uncover some top styling tips along the way.

In this ironic instance, it's our Contrast boots (tan) that make for fantastic tonal styling. The tan hue pairs effortlessly with neutrals or even colours within the same wheel, such as autumnal oranges. A key to nailing this look is mixing different patterns, materials, and textures to give the outfit depth and interest.

If it's more the black boots that catch your eye, we get it. The bold contrast breaks up the orange palette and makes more of a statement. It also opens the door to matching with any black coats, jackets, bags or other accessories.


Taking inspiration from the wine region of France, bordeaux is a wintery shade of red that is just as tantalising in the world of fashion. Worn here with the same deep red to continue that tonal palette from top to toe. On paper, you might think these reds would compete with each other, whereas they actually complement, creating a seamless look and bring your outfit to life.

It will come as no surprise that the Nerine boots in black are just as satisfying to style. However, instead of pairing them with more black, go with a contrasting look of lighter colours. Whilst the neutrals offer a softer touch, the black boots and belt, tie it all together in classic statement fashion.


Next on our tonal styling list is Superb. We already know that tan boots are a perfect choice for creating harmonious outfits, featured here with a warm yellow/gold palette. Superb's stacked heel even plays a part, with a natural hue and textured effect that adds distinction as well as unity.

Now, cast your eyes over to our knee-highs, worn with the same palette but offering a different aesthetic. The tall boot profile adds to the impact of this contrasting look and shows how you can "winterise" your favourite dresses.


So, what are our key takeaways? Whether you choose tonal or contrast, texture adds depth, and bringing your boot colour up into your outfit ties everything together.

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